Dairy Cattle Health and Welfare

Much of our research focuses on the dairy industry. For example, we evaluated a voluntary Johne’s disease prevention and control program from the farmers’ perspective. We were also involved in a study around employee management on large US dairy farms and published a review on the complex relationship between dairy cattle welfare and reproduction. Currently, we work on an initiative to reduce antimicrobial use on dairy farms.

Please refer to our publications for more complete list of projects.

Equine Health and Welfare

We have started an exciting new project on horse welfare in Prince Edward Island that combines animal assessments with social science research.

We will also investigate the human-animal interactions during dressage training. Visit the website regularly to stay in the loop!

Veterinary Clinical Communication

Effective clinical communication can improve client satisfaction and adherence to veterinary advice. We assessed veterinary communication on dairy farms and are currently working on evaluating the effect of training on veterinary communication skills.

Please refer to our publications for more complete list of projects.

Veterinarian Mental Health

Veterinarians are much more likely to experience poor mental health compared to the general population. We are currently working on a project focused on how we can foster positive mental health among Canadian veterinary students and practitioners.

Public perceptions, attitudes, and the social license to operate

Members of the public are becoming increasingly interested in farm animal welfare. We collect responses from members of the public to assess their attitudes toward topics such as genetic modification of dairy cattle, and cow-calf management strategies. We also talked to dairy farmers and undergraduate dairy science students about the influence of the public on the directions of the dairy industry.

Please refer to our publications for a more complete list of projects.