Here, you will find a compilation of selected talks, presentations, interviews etc. that were either given by our team members or that covered our research.

Chaya talked to CBC Compass about our research project on veterinarian mental health. Chaya is interested in how vets can flourish in the profession despite going through challenges especially during the early years in their careers. Watch the interview here!

Our research on the experiences of young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic was covered by CBC radio and in this article. We hope to be able to report our results soon!

Update: We were interviewed by a few different media channels such as CTV Atlantic. Also, we published this study in an article in the Journal PLOS One.

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Among other experts, Caroline Ritter was invited to talk about Social and economic drivers for antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance at the One Health Workshop series at the University of Calgary. Watch the recording of this virtual seminar (her section begins at 0:45:46).

Our paper on employee management on large U.S. dairy farms evoked interest and was covered in a Newsletter article by “Dairy Herd Management”. Read the article here.

It is amazing when your research gets picked up by people in the field. Listen to the podcast by Dr. Eric Rooker, a veterinary medical professional talking about our research on veterinary clinical communication.

“Der Hoftierarzt” (a German newsletter) covered our paper on genetic modification in dairy cattle and summarized some of the findings. Read the article here (in German).